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AC-Socket ATA AUDIO Ejector Header Board to Board Box Header
T11000 T12000 T13000 T14000 T15000 T16000
Centronic CF Card Socket DC-Connector Round-Din DIN 41612 DIN 41612 / 41617
T17000 T18000 T19000 T20000 T21000 T22000
D-Sub-High  Density D-Sub Standard SCSI II  DVI Female Header FFC / FPC 
T23000 T24000 T25000 T26000 T27000 T28000
Flat-Cable           FFC/FPC Cable Future Bus Connector Plastic / Metal Hood Helicon IDC-Connector IC-Socket Machined Cont.
T29000 T30000 T31000
T33000 T34000
Inverter Connector IEEE 1394 Jumper I/0 Connector SIM-Card Male/ Female Machined Cont.
T35000 T36000 T37000 T38000 T39000 T40000
Memory Socket Memory Card Socket Micro D-Sub Microfon Holder Mini Fit Connector Micro Match Connector
NorComp's MICRO-D Connectors
T41000 T42000
T44000 T45000 T46000
Prozessor Sockets Micro Fit Connector Optical Connector Multi Card Connector Pin Header  PCMCIA
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T47000 T48000 T49000
T51000 T52000
PCA Connector PLCC Socket RJ-Connector RF-Connector SCSI SCART Connector
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T53000 T54000 T91000 T55000 T56000 T57000
SD-Card Connector SCSI III SIM-CARD Sensor Connector SMART Card  SLOT Connector

T60000 T61000 T62000 T63000
USB USB-A VHDCI V35 Wire to Board Connector LEMO / ODU / Sensor Conn.
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T64000 T65000 T66000
T68000 T69000
Wire to Wire Connector Fakra Connector Textool Socket Programmable Test Socket LS-AUDIO Connector  Heavy Industrial Connector
T70000 T71000 T72000
T74000 091000
Thermo Connector SATA Mini + Micro / USB IC-Cards HDTV  HDMI
T76000 T77000 T78000 T79000 T80000 T81000
Flat Terminal  Valve Connector Waterproof Different Special Connectors Wire Cable Assembly Gender / Changer Adapter
T82000 T83000 T84000 T85000 T86000 T87000
IDC-Male Connector Low Cost Socket Battery Connector MXM Connector PCI / Mini PCI Express Card
T88000 T89000 T90000 a T92000 T93000 T94000
Round Industrial Connector Solar Connector Golden Connector SFP-Connector Flat Cable Assembly CEE Connector
T95000 T96000 T97000 T98000 T99000 T100000
LED-Connector Auto Connector Power Cords Round Cable assembly SD Card Adapter Memory Cards
TA11000 TA12000 TA13000 TA14000 TA15000 TA16000
V35 Connector Chinch HDMI cable RJ- Waterproof Connector USB / USA Cable Single Wire cable assembly Wire
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TA17000 TA18000 TA19000 TA20000 TA21000  
Pogo Pin Connector RJ-Cable Assembly SMD Masse Terminals      
TA23000 TA24000 TA25000