THT Tact Switch SMT Tact Switch THT Slide Switch SMT Slide Switch THT Miniature Slide Switch SMT Miniature Slide Switch
Hook Switch SMD
Tact Switch THT Tact Switch SMD Slide Switch THT Slide Switch SMD Mini Slide Switch THT Mini Slide Switch SMD
Q11000 Q12000 Q13000 Q14000 Q61000 Q62000
THT Rocker Switch SMT Rocker Switch THT  Micro Switch SMT Micro Switch THT Detector Switch SMT Detector Switch
    Micro Switch      
Q21000 Q22000
THT PUSH Switch SMT PUSH Switch THT DIP Switch SMT DIP Switch THT BCD Switch SMT BCD Switch
Push Switch THT Push Switch SMD DIP Switch THT DIP Switch SMD Codier-Switch THT Codier-Switch SMD
Q23000 Q24000 Q25000 Q26000 Q27000 Q28000
THT Rolling Ball Switch SMT Rolling Ball Switch Mounting Panel Switch  Switch w. LED O-LED Push Switch LCD-Display Push Switch
Rolling Ball Switch THT Rolling Ball Switch SMD LED Switch LED Switch PS012  DS bei ( 5-373) PS013  DS bei ( 5-373)
Q29000 Q30000 Q31000 Q32000
Anti Vandal Switch with LED Anti Vandel Switch  Knob for Tact Switch Knop f. Rotary REED Contact Elevator Switch
Anti Vandal Switch with LED Anti Cvandal w/o LED Knob Knob Reed-Contacts Elevator Switch
Q35000 Q36000 Q37000 Q65000 Q39000 Q40000
Voltage Selector Switch Proximidy Switch  Multidirectional Switch Key Switch Turn Switch Game Switch
Voltage Selector Proximidy Switch Multidirectional Frontpanel Key Switch Turn Switch  
Q43000 Q44000
Rocker Switch       ( Power) Toogle Switch Toggle Switch Cap Rocker Switch Push Switch Slide Switch
Power Rocker Switch Toogle Switch Rubber Hood Rocker Switch Push Switch Slide Switch
Q47000 Q48000 Q49000 Q50000 Q51000 Q52000
Illuminated Rocker Switch Special Switch  Frontpanel Switch  Circuit Breacker Switch Power Push Switch Industrial Push Button
Illuminated Rocker Switch Special Switch Frontpanel Switch Overload Breacker Switch Power Switch Industrial Puschbutton
Push Switch   Hook Switch THT Hook Switch SMD Encoder Switch THT Encoder Switch SMT
    Hook Switch THT Hook Switch SMD    
Q59000 Q60000 Q15000
Q63000 Q64000
Keypads Industrial Push Button Photo / Proximidy Switch Limit Switch Changeover Switch BCD Switch
2110000 251000 Q68000 Q69000 Q70000
Membrane Keypad Piezo Switch  Waterproof Rocker Switch Touch Sensor Metal- Domes  
614 614 614 614 614 614
Q71000 Q72000 Q73000 Q74000 Q75000 Q76000
Panel Cut out 30,2x11mm Panel Cut out 28,9x11,5mm Panel Cut out 28,1x13,5mm Panel Cut out 27x11,8mm Panel Cut out 28,5x21,7mm Panel Cut out 31x22,7mm
614 614 614 614 614 614
Q77000 Q78000 Q79000 Q80000 Q81000 Q82000
Panel Cut out 31x22,3mm Panel Cut out 30x22mm Panel Cut out 28x12,7mm Panel Cut out 27,6x22mm Panel Cut out 28,4x22mm Panel Cut out 29,4x22mm
614 614 614 614 614 614
Q83000 Q84000 Q85000 Q86000 Q87000 Q88000
Panel Cut out 20,5mm Panel Cut out 22,6x13,5mm Panel Cut out 28,5x13,2mm Panel Cut out 28,5x22mm    
    Circuit Breaker switch Circuit Breaker switch Refrigerator Switch Bild einfügen  
614 614 614 614    
Q89000 Q90000 Q91000 Q92000 Q93000 Q94000
Panel Cut out 13,8x9mm Panel Cut out 15,2x9mm Panel Cut out 19,2x13mm Panel Cut out 19,2x6,7mm Panel Cut out 19,5x20,8mm Panel Cut out 19,5x22mm
614 / SRMS 614 / SRMS 614 / MIRS 614 614 614