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50Watt 12V 4,2A w. CE Approval 50Watt 13,8V 3,6A w. CE Approval 50Watt  24V  2,1A w. CE Apporval 50Watt 48V  1,0A  w. CE Apporval  
EC50W-SDR-12 EC50W-SDR-13,8 EC50W-SDR24 EC50W-SDR48  
75Watt 24V 3,2A w. CE Approval 75Watt 48V 1,6A w. CE Approval      
EC75W-SDR-12 EC75W-SDR-24 EC50W-SDR48      
120Watt 12V 10A w. CE Approval 120Watt 24V 5,0A w. CE Approval 120Watt 48V 2,5A w. CE Approval      
EC120W-SDR-12 EC120W-SDR-24 EC120W-SDR-48      
120Watt 12V 10A w. CE Approval + FPC 120Watt 24V 5,0A w. CE Approval + FPC 120Watt 24V 2,5A w. CE Approval + FPC      
EC120W-SFDR-12 EC120W-SFDR-24 EC120W-SFDR-48      
150Watt 12V 12,5A w. CE Approval 150Watt 13,8V 11,0A w. CE Approval 150Watt 15V 10,0A w. CE Approval 150Watt 24V 6,3A w. CE Approval 150Watt 48V 3,1A w. CE Approval  
EC150W-SDR-12 EC150W-SDR-13,8 EC150W-SDR-15 EC150W-SDR-24 EC150W-SDR-48  
240Watt 24V 10,0A w. FPC w/o CE Approval 240Watt 48V 5,0A w. FPC w/o CE Approval        
EC240-SDR-24 EC240-SDR-48        
20W  5V 20W  12V 20W  15V 20W  24V    
MDR-30-5V MDR-30-12V MDR-30-15V MDR-30-24V    
40W  5V 40W  12V 40W  24V 40W  48V    
MDR-40-5V MDR-40-12V MDR-40-15V MDR-40-24V    
60W  5V 60W  12V 60W  24V 60W  48V    
MDR-40-5V MDR-40-12V MDR-40-24V MDR-40-48V    
30W  5V 30W  12V 30W  15V 30W  24V    
DR-30-5V DR-30-12V DR-30-15V DR-30-24V    
45W  5V 45W  12V 45W  15V 45W  24V    
DR-45-5V DR-45-12V DR-45 15V DR-45-24V    
60W  5V 60W  12V 60W  15V 60W  24V    
DR-60-5V DR-60-12V DR-60-15V DR-60-24V    
75W 12V 75W 24V 75W 48V      
DR-75-12V DR-75-24V DR-75-48V      
120W  12V 120W   24V 120W   48V      
DR-120-12V DR-120-24V DR-120-48V      
150W  12V 150W  15V 150W  24V 150W  48V    
DR-150-12V DR-150-15V DR-150-24V DR-150-48V    
240W 24V 240W  48V        
DRP-240-24V DRP-240-48V