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LINECARD LCD Displays Serie JXXXX   
7 Segment  Character  Graphic Graphic     
Displays Displays Displays Displays    
J11000 J12000 J13000 J14000 J15000 J16000
J10A7000 J10A8000 J10A9000 J10B1000 J10B2000 J10B3000
J10B4000 J10B5000 J10B6000 J10B7000 J10B8000 J10B9000
J10C1000 J10C2000 J10C3000 J10C4000 J10C5000 J10C6000
J10C7000 J10C8000 J10C9000 J10D1000 J10D2000 J10D3000
J10D4000 J10D5000 J10D6000 J10D7000 J10D8000 J10D9000
J10E1000 J10E2000 J10E3000 J10E4000 J10E5000 J10E6000
J10E7000 J10E8000 J10E9000 J10F1000 J10F2000 J10F3000
J10F4000 J10F5000 J10F6000 J10F7000 J10F8000 J10F9000
J10G1000 J10G2000 J10G3000 J10G4000 J10G5000 J10G6000
J10G7000 J10XG8000 J10G9000 J10H1000 J10H2000 J10H3000
J10H4000 J10H5000 J10H6000 J10H7000 J10H8000 J10H9000
J10J1000 J10J2000 J10J3000 J10J4000 J10J5000 J10J6000
J10J7000 J10J8000 a J10J9000 J10K1000 J10K2000 J10K3000
J10K4000 J10K5000 J10K6000 J10K7000 J10K8000 J10K9000