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Capacitor LINECARD   Serie I10000
CHIP Capacitor 50-6,3~5000Volt CHIP Capacitor Array   Radialer Electrolytic Capacitor CHIP Electrolytic Capacitor Radialer Tantalum Capacitor
I11000 I12000 I13000 I14000 I15000 I16000
CHIP Tantalum Capacitor Radial Polyester Film Capacitor Stacked Foil Capacitor CHIP Foil Capacitor CHIP Y2 Ceramic Capacitor Radial AC Disc Capacitor
I17000 I18000 I19000 I20000 I21000 I22000
Radial High Voltage Capacitor Single Inline Capacitor Array CHIP Trimmer Capacitor Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Axial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
I23000 I26000 I27000 I28000 I29000 I30000
Radial Mono Disc Capacitor Gold Cap  Capacitor Axial Foil Capacitor Radial X1 Box Capacitor Radial X2 Box Capacitor Radial Y1 Box Capacitor
I31000 I33000 I32000 I34000 I25000 I35000
Radial Y2 Box Capacitor          250 / 300VAC AC Film Motor Capacitor Polypropylen Film Capacitor Polypropylen Film A.C. Capacitor for capacitive divider Polypropylene film capacitor Box type Metallized Polypropylene film Capacitor 
250 ~ 500VAC 160~2000VDC 230 ~ 275VAC 450~630VDC 400/500/600/700/  900VAC
I24000 I36000 I37000 I38000 I39000 I40000
Double sided metallized polypropylene Film capacitor Double sided metallized polypropylene Film capacitor Metallized polyester film capacitor (stacked version) Metallized polyester film capacitor  (High Quality) Polystyrene Film  Capacitor Motor start Capacitor
630~2500VDC 250~2000VDC 50~700VDC 63~ 630VDC    
I41000 I42000 I43000 I44000 I45000 I46000
I47000 I48000 I49000 I50000 I51000 I52000
I53000 I54000 I54000 I55000 I56000 I57000
I58000 I59000 I60000 I61000 I62000 I63000
I64000 I65000 I66000 I67000 I68000 I69000
I70000 I71000 I72000 I73000 I74000 I75000
I76000 I77000 I78000 I79000 I80000 I81000
I82000 I83000 I84000 I85000 I86000 I87000
I88000 I89000 I90000 a I91000 I92000 I93000
I94000 I95000 I96000 I97000 I98000 I99000