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LINECARD Battery   Serie B10000
Zinc-Chloride Battery Alkaline-Battery Lithium-Ferr Battery               1,5V 1200mAH  1,5V 2900mAH 9,0V 1200mAH        Nickel-Metall-Hybrid Battery (High-Temperature/ High Power / Low Temperature) Lithium-Ion-High-Power Battery Lithium / Thionyl-Chloride-Cylindrical Battery 3,6V
B14000 B15000 B16000
Lithium / Manganese-Dioxide-Cylindrical Battery 3V Lithium Polymer-Ion Battery  Prismatic Zell 3,7V Ni-CD Accu Battery Packs Back-Up Battery NI-CD / NI-MH
B17000 B18000
18350,18650,26650,1/2AA, CR2, 2/3A, CR123A etc. Battery Holder      9V Battery Batttery Holder 9V Block Type PCB Battery Holder       D-Zelle Battery Holder    C-Zelle Battery Holder    AA-Zelle
B30000 B24000
B26000 B27000 B28000
Battery Holder    AAA-Zelle 3,6V Recharge Lithium Button Cell 3V ML Button recharge Battery 1,55V Silver Oxide Button Cell 1,5V Alkaline Manganese Button Cell 3,0V Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Cell
B29000 B21000 B31000 B32000 B33000 B20000
Battery clips for D-Size Battery Battery clips for C-Size Battery Battery clips for AAA-Size Battery Battery clips for AA + N-Size Battery clips for Remote Control Battery Holder Lithium Battery
B37000 B38000
General Blei Akku Lithium Primär Battery SMT Battery  Different-Holder Sizes SMD-Battery Holder  
Bildergebnis für 18650 Battery Holder
B41000 B42000 B43000 B44000 B45000 B46000
B47000 B48000 B49000 B50000 B51000 B52000
B53000 B54000 B54000 B55000 B56000 B57000
B58000 B59000 B60000 B61000 B62000 B63000
B64000 B65000 B66000 B67000 B68000 B69000
B70000 B71000 B72000 B73000 B74000 B75000
B76000 B77000 B78000 B79000 B80000 B81000
B82000 B83000 B84000 B85000 B86000 B87000
B88000 B89000 B90000 a B91000 B92000 B93000
B94000 B95000 B96000 B97000 B98000 B99000