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LINECARD Battery   Serie B10000
Zinc-Chloride Battery Alkaline-Battery Lithium-Ferr Battery               1,5V 1200mAH  1,5V 2900mAH 9,0V 1200mAH        Nickel-Metall-Hybrid Battery (High-Temperature/ High Power / Low Temperature) Lithium-Ion-High-Power Battery Lithium / Thionyl-Chloride-Cylindrical Battery 3,6V
B11000 B12000 B13000 B14000 B15000 B16000
Lithium / Manganese-Dioxide-Cylindrical Battery 3V Lithium Polymer-Ion Battery  Prismatic Zell 3,7V Ni-CD Accu Battery Packs Back-Up Battery NI-CD / NI-MH
B17000 B18000
B22000 B40000
18350,18650,26650,1/2AA, CR2, 2/3A, CR123A etc. Battery Holder      9V -Clip Battery Batttery Holder 9V Block Type PCB Battery Holder       D-Zelle Battery Holder    C-Zelle Battery Holder    AA-Zelle
B30000 B24000 B25000 B26000 B27000 B28000
Battery Holder    AAA-Zelle 3,6V Recharge Lithium Button Cell 3V ML Button recharge Battery 1,55V Silver Oxide Button Cell 1,5V Alkaline Manganese Button Cell 3,0V Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Cell